We teach entrepreneurs the do's and dont's of Inside Sales. We talk to students and CEOs about the most effective ways to grow revenue. We lend our 10 years of experience in Sales as a Science to audiences that want to build better sales teams. We are StackFit.

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Basile Senesi

From an entry level SDR to overseeing the first true outbound sales team in FinTech, Basile understands the sales org from both sides. He has turned sales into a science and mastered it's tools. A Salesforce wizard, he has helped Intuit, Demandforce and Fundbox grow from small sales organizations to well oiled inside sales machines. Today, Basile works as the Head of Sales for Fundbox, and speaks to entrepreneurs about building lean sales teams.

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Jason Sirois

Jason has managed multiple sales teams for fortune 100 companies to early stage startups. Jason brings experience building scalable sales processes and his scientific approach to measuring sales results. His experience staffing for dozens of sales roles and training hundreds of sales reps has helped growing sales teams reach peak performance faster. Today, Jason is in charges of Sales Operations and everything Salesforce for Fundbox's rapidly growing sales team.

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"As a young tech startup, we mainly focused on building a kickass product that users will love and use everyday. Basile and Jason helped us understand what our options for growth were, and their advice helped us be confident in our ultimate decision to scale. They brought deep expertise and enthusiasm they bring to the table played a vital role in turning our tech startup into a revenue generating company."


"Thank you for attending our Meet the Expert on 'Best Practices to Scale your Sales Organization'. We were delighted to welcome you and hope you enjoyed the session with Basile Senesi and Jason Sirois. We are very grateful for their precious contributions."

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